Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Omotola Has A Message For Bloggers Who Posted Her 14 Year Old Daughter's Pictures & Tagged Them "Hot" Sexy"

Here's what Omotola wrote on her Facebook page

Thank you to everyone who wished Meraiah a happy birthday. However, going to a 14 year old's "private" online accts to post her pictures for public viewing is totally Inappropriate . Her father and I are horrified as parents and guardian that a minor's picture can be paraded online as hot" ,"sexy" etc...
We know the bloggers probably meant no harm but in a world full of pedophiles and sickos every adult with morales should know where to draw the line.
I WILL NOT hesitate henceforth to use everything within my power to bring ANYONE to justice who does this with any of my under aged kids after "this" first time episode !
Any child under 18 should be protected by us all and if their parents/guardian haven't given you the okay to publish information especially "private" of their child, doing so, is against the law.
I hope you all understand, thanks. Omotola."
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