Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nollywood Actor O.C. Ukeje Romances Helen Paul

A scene from the movie

Award-winning actor, O.C. Ukeje, is currently on location where he features in a new movie tentatively titled When Love Happens. Also starring in the high budget film are Helen Paul and Desmond Elliot.
In the suspense-filled, hilarious and emotional movie, Oluwanimoduroti (Mo) Bankole-Smith is beautiful, smart and a successful events planner who is satisfied with her life until Jennifer Obigwe, a bosom friend calls her from the United States to inform her she’s getting married and wants her to plan the event.
Jennifer is the least qualified to get married not because she’s not beautiful but because she’s spoilt and doesn’t have what it takes to keep a man. Frustrated with how cruel life can be, especially when she witnesses her parents’ open display of love for each other, she reaches out to her best friends, crazy Tseju and calm Tobechukwu Okoronkwo, wondering why she can’t have love in her life as well.
Unfortunately they are not reachable and looking for an avenue to vent her frustration, she opens a blog where she shares her experiences as she goes on the search for the man of her dreams.
After a failed internet dating stint, she plunges headlong into the world of dating with the help of Tseju, visiting every available club where eligible bachelors can be found. Tobe is upset and frustrated with this decision since he’s loved her for a long time but has refused to say anything so as not to risk their friendship.
He tries to convince her to take things slow and what she’s looking for will come to her but Mo will hear none of it. She has what it takes and will put herself out there.
Unfortunately, Mo’s search for the man of her dreams ends in frustration after many failed attempts. She begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her or maybe love just isn’t meant for her… until she runs into an old flame – Dare Laguda – who is determined to sweep her off her feet and break every resistance she put up. She soon falls for him and at last the love she’s been searching for has finally come to her. Faced with the possibility of losing her, Tobe finally summons the courage to tell her of his feelings, damning all consequences and shocking Mo in the process. She is in dilemma of choosing between Tobe and Dare.
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