Saturday, 8 February 2014

"I Have Over 100 Pairs Of Shoes" Comedian AY

AY &Wife

Here's his interview with PUNCH

What fashion item do you love shopping for and can never get enough of?
I love shoes. Though I have over 100 pairs, I still want to buy more and more. All I need is to find something that I like; it might be something similar to what I have in my closet but I would still buy it.
You have over 100 pairs of shoes. Do you repeat shoes?
Of course, there are shoes that match different attire and suits, so you have to repeat. But I don’t do that often so that people won’t say I am going broke. If you see me repeat a shoe and believe I don’t have any other one and the best you can do is talk about it, I see you as an arm-chair critic. If you have an opportunity to go into my closet, you will be looking for an opportunity to withdraw your statement.

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