Thursday, 20 February 2014

'Don't Screw With the Nigerian Police' -Tiwa Savage Gets A Message From Charles Novia

Here's the message:

Sometimes a celebrity assumes a self-imposed larger-than-life image and believes he or she is above the law or above reproach. If the reports of Tiwa Savage’s arrest are factual, then a ‘bringing down to earth’ psychological regimen is needed for the newly-wedded singer.
One major fact to note by celebrities and other citizens, DO NOT SCREW WITH THE NIGERIAN POLICE. No matter how much you hold them in disdain or think they are inept, those guys operate within the ambits of the law or laws which they can conjure to empower their case.
If you have ever ‘visited’ a typical Police Station in Naija to settle or aid a case, you will know
what I am saying. In fairness to the Police, they are quite friendly and accommodating when celebrities are involved and treat artistes with respect more than other citizens but that should not be taken for granted by the artistes in any way. 
There is what I term ‘ a galloping stumble’ in the career of artistes which comes full circle most times. An artiste attains dizzying heights in his or her career within a time capsule of promise, possibilities and potential. Fame, endorsements, adulations and unbelievable stardom follow one after the other or even simultaneously for a hitherto backwater act. Having achieved such within a short and unsolicited for career, the artiste finds himself or herself on a fast lane.
On that lane, all caution is thrown to the wind and a breakneck speed is allowed by the artiste on that lane. But more-often-than-not there would be a stumble along the way; a big pothole to rein excesses. For the smart ones, they slow down. For the others who believe they are delirious gods on earth, they go faster. Most times, doom beckons. A career doom or even a fatal one.
What if Tiwa had encountered one of those trigger-happy Policemen who, without thinking, could have fired off a shot at her? Has she and her handlers thought about that? It is all well for her husband to wave it off as a joke as he did. But if indeed it isn’t a publicity stunt ( and I don’t think it is) then this is where her brand handling should be put under a microscope.
Personally, I love Tiwa’s music and admire her seeming humility, having been opportuned to speak with her and her then Manager a year ago on a proposed project then. I think she must be commended for blazing a trail in a male-dominated music industry and making a huge success out of it too. And it is because I like her and believe she still has a lot to offer to our entertainment sector that I wrote this.
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