Thursday, 27 February 2014

Beat Fm OAP, Toolz Wants You To See Her 'Surulere' Photo

Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru captioned the photo

 “Surulere Thursday is the new Throwback Thursday jor! Cc @iamdrsid @donjazzy #SurulereThursday #GetTheJuice #IfNotForGod #BetYallDidntKnowIHadTribalMarks #JustLikeSwayIDontHaveTheAnswersAboutMyHairInTheFirstPic”  Follow on twitter

Celebrity Dancer Kaffy Shows Off 6-Week Old Baby, Eliana

She's so adorable! Follow on twitter

Cute Couple! Toyin Aimakhu & Hubby Share New Photos

Toyin's hubby is a year older today and here is her birthday shout out to him

"Happy Birthday Mr Johnson, My Hubby, My Boo, paddy of life, heartbeat, daddy Seun, My small god and my joy...till death do us no we live and die together"  Follow on twitter

Checkout Banky W's Cute Thowback Photo

See his caption

"Times change but my eyebrows remained the same. #throwBack #tbt Me, msddg & Momma W"Don't ask me bout the hair. The wind blew it away. Hian".

That wind no try at all o. Lol Follow on twitter

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Photos From Omotola's Visit To Ghandhour Cosmetics In Ghana

Omotola is in Ghana courtesy her role as the face of Ghandour cosmetics hair brand.. She signed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with the Ghanaian based brand early February.
See her caption

"Then I saw them... They'll be my Hair's ONLY companion for a couple of years! ... Hehehe ... Yeah they paid that much...��. It's #B-O16 !!! #ghana #feb

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Dayo Amusa Releases Hot New Photos+ UNFORGIVABLE Musical Video

Dayo Amusa has released the musical video for her much talked about movie - UNFORGIVABLE. She actually sings well.
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Obafemi Martins Wants You To See His Mercedes Benz CLK Convertible

'Gbogbo bigz boy'! Follow on twitter

"I Have Nothing To Do With"That Boy "Davido", Let Me LIVE"-Sunshine Haye

Here's what Sunshine Haye (the lady said to be expecting Davido's twins) wrote on Instagram today

Let me LIVE!!! Everyday people wanna create more lies on me why??, I’m so sick and tired of all this bullshit .. Leave me the fuck alone !! I DO NOT have NOTHING to do with that boy so stop fucking mentioning my existence with his !!! I don’t understand why all of this is headline news, when so many people in the world are dying from chronic diseases #Sad’" 
Davido is now a "boy".Lol Follow on twitter

Monday, 24 February 2014

Photos:Kim Kardashian Undergoes Laser Surgery On Her Breasts To Remove Stretch Marks

On last night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and her BFF Jonathan Cheban visited plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian, complaining about her 'wrinkly' hands.She also got laser treatment on her breast to help reduce stretch marks. Follow on twitter

See Genevieve Nnaji's 'Surulere' Photo

Her suru aff lere! Follow on twitter

Hot Or Not? Tinsel Actor, Gideon Okeke Flaunts His Ripped Abs

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Kilonshele? D'Banj Deletes Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music From His Twitter Bio

D'banj has deleted G.O.O.D Music from his Twitter bio.He's no longer part of the G.O.O.D Music family ni?
D'banj pls tell us the koko!
Lol @ koko holdings.

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OBO Davido Travels To London In Style

Davido shared this photo via Instagram with the caption:
London Town see u soon!!”
Wait o,are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Is he traveling to see the UK-based lady said to be expecting his twins?
I just dey ask ni o.

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Banga Lee And Burna Lee: D’banj & Burna Boy Hangout @ The “LEE Temple”

D’banj shared the photo with the caption:
#Wandamo Banga lee and Burna Lee . Straight from the LEE Temple”
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Pasuma Weds Yoruba Actress Jaiye Kuti!!!

Calm down! Na movie. Lol!

Fuji star, Pasuma has featured in another Yoruba movie produced by actress Jaiye Kuti.

In the movie titled ‘Jaiyeola Ni Mo N Je’, the Fuji star plays the love interest of Jaiye Kuti, whom he ends up marrying.

The movie stars other actors like Adebayo Salami, Yinka Quadri, Henrietta Kosoko, Faithia Balogun, Femi Adebayo, Ojo Arowosafe and Yomi Gold.
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Doris Simeon Finally Opens Up About Her Separation & Daniel's Alleged Marriage To Sella Damasus

Excerpts from Doris Simeon's recent interview with TheNation

  • Did you ever imagine that you were going to be separated someday?
No, I never thought I would be separated someday. Yes, it definitely hit me when it happened. But life goes on.
  • But a lot of people had the impression that you couldn’t be bothered and that you wanted this freedom?
No, if I wanted the freedom, I have it now; so, why am I not exploring the situation? Instead of that, I am trying to make money. I have a lot of responsibilities. So, rather than sit down and mourn all day, I have to 
face the reality.

My mother was a strong woman and I learnt a lot from her. She went through a lot, which I knew of from when I was a little child. In spite of all that she went through, she kept moving on. My mom had a stroke and survived it; and she still looked radiant. My mom jumped from one trade to another. When I think of that, I would be like, this woman, na you born me, I must do that thing wey you teach us. Those are the things I just look back and then I just move on. I have a child that I need to work for, so that he won’t face the kind of suffering I faced in the future.

  • Will you consider marriage again?
I don’t know, but I am not ruling it out because I am human. I might just fall head over heels in love again. But let me still be doing what I am doing. Wherever the Lord takes me, I will go.
  • What would you do differently when you find love again?
I will probably right the wrong things I did then. I mean I will do the right thing three times over.
  • What were those things?
Can I even point them out? I can’t point them out.
  • Was it that you didn’t have enough time for the family?
It wasn’t that in anyway. It is just one of those things you have to deal with. People will say one thing or the other to defend their own sides. When I’m on set, I want to quickly do whatever I am doing. This is because I see a movie script as an examination; and when you have an examination you want to quickly do it and then relax. That is the way I work. I just want to do it and know that I am done with this script, so I can face my family. So, it’s not that I get carried away with work. I just want to do the best I can at that particular time that I am doing that job and get out from that set and face my family or face whatever I need to do next.
  • At a time, you and Daniel were one of the best couples in Nollywood. What could have gone wrong?
Anything could have gone wrong. Anything could have triggered a fire anywhere. You don’t know what might happen the next minute. We are just trying to make things go right, but God has the final say. Yes, things happen in life and till eternity you keep asking that question what went wrong. But if you dwell on that, you won’t move forward because everything that happens has God’s hands in it. There is a reason why anything happens and it has been written that it will happen that way.
  • After a year, what did you do?
Funny enough, after a year, I was like, ‘Doris, how do you think you want to move on with your life? What should you do to move on? That was when I decided not to dwell on the past; otherwise, I will go hungry. People that want to laugh at me are out there, so I will rather make them say, ‘Aha Aha, what’s happening? And I am moving ahead with my life.
  • What is the relationship between the two of you now, given that you have a child for him?
We have a child, so we talk. The boy is there, so why won’t we talk? We cannot be sworn enemies forever. Not every relationship leads to marriage, yet the people involved still talk.
  • But how do you feel knowing that your colleague is supposedly married to him?
She’s a woman and he is a man. Na man I go still follow so (laughs). In this industry, most of us are colleagues; it is not that we are close friends or something. No be say na my mama born am now.
  • What about all those statements credited to you that you will deal with Stella Damasus?
I don’t know where they got all those stuff from. As a matter of fact, The Nation is the first newspaper I’m opening up to so much on my marriage because I know that you guys are not here to get something scandalous from me. Recently, somebody used my name on BBM to get money from people. I now traced that to a Facebook account. The person’s Facebook has my name, my pictures and everything. And they were probably getting their stories and stupid talk from all the things the person was writing. In fact, the person’s fan page has more likes than my own original fan page. Can you imagine? The person has a BB with Doris Simeon and she was telling people she wants to do a movie that they should send N10,000 into a certain account. Follow on twitter

"My Girlfriend Is Pregnant,It Makes Me Feel Like A Man" Kay Switch

ENCOMIUM Weekly put a call through to D'Banj's younger brother, Kay Switch on Friday, February 14, 2014, and he was excited to speak about his girlfriend's pregnancy. He told Encomium: 

“Yes, it is true.  My girlfriend is pregnant.  It really makes me feel like a man.”
When he was asked if he is willing to walk down the aisle with her or she will just remain his baby mama, 
Kayswitch replied: 
“Definitely, we will get married one day, though I cannot disclose when now.  By the time we are ready, you will get to know about it.”
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