Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tonto Dikeh And Her Housemaid - The True Nollywood Story

Written by Lanre Odutola

To most of us, Tonto Dikeh is the very fantastic and talented actress (a bit unsure as I've  never watched her in a movie, except when she fell off stage, which in my opinion, deserved an Oscar nomination at least), and to a very few, Tonto is known to be the sad disturbed single Nollywood actress who lives in her mansion with her litter of dogs...and just recently, a housemaid too.

For celebrities with large follower-ship on social media, everything they share almost always has a motive, and is well orchestrated to wet the appetite of their fans. Tonto Dikeh recently took her maid out for a treat, which shouldn't be an issue except that it confirms that:

-She is sweet and caring
-She is lonely and has no friends
-Or she is gay and in a relationship with her housemaid

Out of the listed possible reasons, it is fair to say that the third is a bit more eye-catching, and maybe TRUE.

Below is a photo of Tonto Dikeh caressing the pure bosoms of her maid in public, and admittedly got the poor girl tipsy.

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Errm, me I no gree o!
I'd go with the first reason.
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1 comment:

  1. She has a boy friend so i'll go with the 1st 1.



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