Tuesday, 28 January 2014

“Iyanya Is My Friend…We’re Not Dating” Emma Nyra

Emma spoke to Vanguard Newspaper about music, dating and style.
Read excerpts from the interview;

On being romantically linked to Iyanya: “Iyanya is not a bad looking person, but I am not dating him we are on the same label. I have known him before the days of Kukere, so if it was a fling or a dating thing I don’t think my career will be as serious as it is.
I am not with Iyanya to date him. Iyanya has helped me in the studio, he is an R&B singer,I am also an R&B singer. He thought me to change my style of music to suit the Nigerian market. He has taught me a lot of things. We are not dating , people can be friends without dating.”

On her relationship status: “No, I am not in a relationship. Music is my everything. It’s not that I am not interested, but right now, I am not dating any one.”

On her sexiest body part: “My legs, usually if you see my performance outfit the most comment I get is that ’Oh we like your legs”

On the craziest thing a fan has done for her: “Everyday I get Facebook messages that are out of this world , if I put them out people will be like Emma is wicked .I get a lot of inappropriate messages. Even this morning I got an inappropriate message on Instragram , I can’t even tell you what the person said. I don’t mind reading inappropriate messages but the one that makes me sad is when you read a blog and somebody doesn’t respect the music that you do or have bad opinions about you which comes everyday as well.”

On her contract with MMMG: “The true story is that I am still with Triple MG. There was a time when I was not with them, that was the time when my contract was up , so when I did the interview with the lady she asked me a question; Are you with them’? I now told her fully that I am waiting for my contract to lapse, but what she did was that she edited the video and after then I saw a blog post that made it look like I said what I didn’t say. So I am still with MMMG.”

On her celebrity crush: “I always say Terry G. I like people who are their own person. He does his own thing, his own sound.”
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