Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hurray: QYB Is A Year Old!!!

I don't know how to start this,without sounding 'cliche' but I'll start anyway.Only GOD knows how grateful I am to him for blessing me so much. GOD has blessed me beyond expectations,he has been so good to me!So I'll start by saying Alhamdullilah,(which happens to be my favorite word).I just want to give all the glory to my GOD, for blessing me with a good life,a wonderful Mom,a beautiful family,and a loving boyfriend.YES! I'm grateful.

Running a blog,isn't a very easy thing,but GOD has made it easy. My beautiful Mom,and my ever loving boyfriend are my greatest fans. They've been so supportive. GOD bless my Mother! GOD bless you too boo.My Dad,and siblings rock. My true friends,and fans too have all been great.GOD bless you all.To all QYB readers,and followers,you guys rock. I love you all. GOD bless you.To everyone who has taken time out to leave comments on my blog,you don't know how much you mean to me.Only GOD can reward you.

How could I ever forget my lovely friend Sola Akindele,CEO, Emoire,who suggested I set up my own blog.Thanks Sola. You are a rare gem. GOD bless you. I worked as a reporter/columnist @ First Weekly magazine, for two years,also as a presenter on Nta,handled publicity for organizations such as Emoire,and JPKingdom,and setting up my own blog never occurred to me as a great idea,until GOD's time came.This was a little over a year ago,when Sola Akindele suggested I start my own blog. Sola had always thought I had great writing skills,and I did a great job as a reporter with First Weekly magazine.I'm usually a very stubborn and rigid person,but Thank GOD I listened to her,and set up my own blog which is fast becoming a big brand.

My blog is a year old today,and I have derived so much joy,and fulfillment just by writing,and sharing my posts. I get so excited doing what I love best(writing,and presenting on tv).These are things I do effortlessly.Thank GOD. I hope to keep doing all these with GOD on my side. I won't bore you with a long story,so once again I'll say a big Thank You to all my loved ones,and well wishers.

Words can't express how grateful I am to you all. Permit me to say a big Thank you to those who have commented on my blog posts.Tinuke Malik,Balogun Toheeb,Harnikky,AbdulHamid Olumo(my boyfriend)lol he never gets tired of leaving funny comments on my posts,Eniola Rofiat,(she made the record of being the first blog visitor to drop a comment,Charmer of life(my sister),Wale Alebiosu,(my cousin)and all those who leave their comments simply as anonymous. I love you all. GOD bless you.

Take a look @ my first blog post HERE and some of my exclusive stories HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE,and my short interview with Tiwa Savage HERE

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  1. Congrats Cousin..Happy for you. Keep up the good work. #W.A

  2. Happy birthday to you QYB... congrat for the great work you're doing... keep it up.. and am helping say ALHAMDULILLAHI which is your favorite word... the future is very bright.. i pray you make it to higher level.. insha allah.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..

  3. Happy one year anniversary miss QYB

  4. Happy one year of quality information,entertain,sport etc gist...more power to your elbow bootiful miss QYB...may the goodness of Allah continue to shine on you



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