Monday, 9 December 2013

No One Has Ever Seen Us Quarrel - Tunde And Wunmi Obe.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe have been married for 15 years and in this recent interview with Punch, they share the secret of their 15-year-old union.

  • Do you quarrel?
Wunmi: Of course. It will sound fake if we don’t quarrel.
  • Who apologises first?
Wunmi: I do.

Tunde: We don’t quarrel, we disagree. We devised a process, where we don’t use abusive words when we disagree. There are no shouts, no noise and each person makes their point known as if you are in a boardroom. We normally agree at the end of the day. I apologise too but Wunmi is always quick to say, “I’m sorry.” 
We thank God that our disagreement has never got out of hands. Nobody has seen Wunmi and I quarrel, not even our children.
  • Was there any opposition when you wanted to get married?
Tunde: Yes, it was my sister. We were very close and like most sisters, she was very attached to me and didn’t want another woman to have me. Ironically, she is closer to my wife than me now.
Wunmi: There was no opposition from my family. He was a very respectful and focused person and he didn’t show any negative traits. The only skepticism was from my siblings who kept asking how sincere ‘this fine boy’ would be. They thought he would be a playboy because of his looks but he proved he was not. They saw he was comfortable in his skin and focused. At a time when his mates were misbehaving, he was serious-minded.
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