Thursday, 20 June 2013

D'banj Acquires N3.7 Million Suit Of Money

D’banj just took delivery of the “Suit of Money”,designed by the Okunoren twins.The Suit is made of actual One Hundred Dollar bills and costs a whopping $25,000, which is approximately N3.7 million. It was entirely sewn by hand in London but was then taken to Italy for the specialized Milanese buttonholes to be done at the same factory used by Tom Ford.
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  1. Fire big boiz tinz.. Dats stupidity. W.A

  2. hello mr stupid man,
    diz monie supporse to bid on ojb health care.
    Den wastin it to buy fool sewnin suit.

  3. Lololololol, Naija swag stupidity and vainness! What message is he trying to pass across? That's just vain!

  4. money is good in d hand of a good man and it is bad in d hand of bad man. It is his sweat let him use it the way he likes. Dbanj, pls help save OJB. Thank u



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