Monday, 25 February 2013

Emoire Takes Next Step With LuvTv

‘When something new launches and it takes off with positive result, you cannot but thank The Almighty for his mercy and the positive happenings in your life. Such results make you Luv Life’- This is the reply I got from Madame Emoire of the successful virtual launch of LuvTV. Still kicking off slowly, she says humbly, but with 400 subscribers and almost 100,000 views on YouTube after the site launched 2 weeks ago, she must be doing something right.

Last time I met with Emoire, they had just successfully launched JPKingdom in Nigeria,and I was enlightened on how they were expanding their group this year to house an online mentorship academy, web TV network, digital media agency and private social network; all active online. The systematic launch of all the companies can only be a trait of a true entrepreneur who has a message to give this world.Adesola Akindele,in this interview speaks about her latest project.Enjoy 

What is LuvTV?
LuvTV is an online webTV platform with professionally shot videos for you to view, luv and share.We are taking advantage of social media marketing, video marketing and visual content development to create an all in one portal. It helps brands and personalities go further as content is available and shareable online all the time.

 Why now?
Why not?! We have been building LuvTV for a few years now and it was the right time to take it digital especially as our digital media agency, Emoire UK had become stronger and more experienced in digital and social media marketing via staff expansion and our work portfolio. Online video marketing is kicking off especially with Google’s launch of Adwords for video and over 50,000,000 Nigerians reported to be actively online, on social network; it was the right time to launch.

 What should we expect from LuvTV?
Well, a lot in the next few months. We are currently filming a few shows that we hope you will all love. Our pilot show was ‘We Mean Business’ Series with ‘Jewel of The Sahara’ Trilogy showcasing the man behind Sahara Group; Tonye Cole. WMB takes a look at the ideals and values of a successful person. It is not about the type of business you go into, it’s about who you are; the characteristics you possess that attract positive people and business to you. What helps you sustain and succeed as an entrepreneur and the lessons learnt along the way. WMB series has so much to give our growing audience. We have focus sessions coming up this fall for infant entrepreneurs to spend quality time in front of the camera pitching their businesses to the public. It is taking marketing to another visual level that is affordable and available to those connected to the internet.

 So what else besides WMB is coming up?
We have 8 shows coming out this year, one every month by our calendar and we welcome other creative ideas as we have room for people to host their very own sponsored shows. They have creative freedom supervised by us so we maintain our standards. Our team is undergoing training to better their skills during the course of the year so they can cope with the every changing technology to deliver great content at great visual quality

The website is accessible on my Blackberry which isn’t easy for many content driven sites. Was this part of the plan?
I am glad you noticed that as from inception we always wanted LuvTV to be optimised for mobile viewing. We are still working on this and have commissioned app development for most mobile phone devices specifically Blackberry as it is the most popular and most desired device in Africa right now.

You have thought of everything. Was LuvTV sponsored or is it all Emoire?
Right now it is all Emoire. We are speaking to sponsors to anchor our shows and some have approached us for full network investment. It is quite an exciting time for us all at Emoire. I am very blessed with an amazing and versatile team who see the mission Emoire is to fulfil. I look forward to a good 20 years in this company before I retire.

 Retire? Why?

Every entrepreneurs dream is for their company to outlive them. I believe in enabling the younger generation so they can take over. I learn a lot from young people, they think outside the box and have no ego as all they want is someone to believe in and elevate them. That’s my system. That’s how I encourage and positively inspire everyone I meet or work with. I expect them to take Emoire further than I could ever imagine

 Every time I meet with you, I gain something new.
Thank you Qismat, it’s always a pleasure. You have supported Emoire from inception. We are truly grateful and wish you all the best with your blog.
So folks there you have it. If you want to know more about LuvTV, visit their website and I can guarantee that you will View, Luv and Share!

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